Our vision is to become a leading centre of excellence in Africa providing essential and up to date information, research, data and services in mental and neurological health.

The mission of CEMHRI is to improve the lives of persons with mental and neurological illnesses and promote mental health and social well-being through systematic research, documentation, service delivery and providing leadership in the implementation of public mental health initiatives.

The specific objectives of the CEMHRI include the following:

  1. To conduct a multidisciplinary research into the biological, psychological and social determinants of mental and neurological health in all age groups in our society.
  2. To utilise the results generated from the studies and other works to develop and advocate for evidence based policies that will improve the lives of persons with mental and neurological illnesses in Nigeria.
  3. To organise seminars, symposia and workshops to create awareness, disseminate information and build the capacity of health workers and the general populace in preventing, managing and coping with mental illness. 
  4. To promote mental stability at the workplace via staff assessments and trainings
Summary of relevant work: 

Assessment of mental health system for Lagos

The study is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of the health workers, mentally ill clients, their primary caregivers, and the significant members of the community towards mental illness and the proposed treatment in the primary health care. Survey, face to face interviews, and focus group discussion methods would be employed during the exercise depending on the group being worked on. The Survey Project is organized by the Lagos State Ministry of Health in conjunction with the CEMHRI, and the Department of Behavioral Medicine, Lagos State University College of Medicine (LASUCOM).

​Lagos State Mental Health Act

CEMHRI and the Department of Behavioural Medicine, LASUCOM, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministries of Health and Justice, seeks to achieve the enactment of mental health legislation at the state level which will serve to protect Persons With Mental Disorder in Lagos State and for other connected Matters.

Lagos State Mental Health Survey 2015

The Lagos State Mental Health Survey Project is being carried out to assess the types, patterns, and severity of common physical and psychological health problems amongst citizens of Lagos state. The results of the survey will lead to the developmentof health plans and strategies that will improve the health and lives of the good people of Lagos State. The Survey Project is organized by the Lagos State Ministry of Health in conjunction with the CEMHRI, and the Department of Behavioral Medicine, LASUCOM


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