CNP Saint-Martin’s mission is to provide tailored, high-quality therapeutic mental health services that are comprehensive, integrated into health systems, and focused on patients’ well-being.

For more than a century, CNP Saint-Martin has welcomed, taken care of, and coached patients suffering from psychiatric disorders. Today, the organization embraces modern psychiatry and the challenge of setting up a reliable mental health care system with a close network of healthcare workers. This involves working with patients with specific needs including patients under legal constraint, interned patients, patients under compulsory care and patients with complex behavioural problems.

Moving into the future, the organization is committed to the future of psychiatry where it plans to continue providing specialized care that best suits patients’ needs.

Summary of relevant work: 

CNP Saint-Martin is comprised of:

  • The Neuropsychiatric Hospital (HNP) made up of nine psychiatric care wards
  • Three psychiatric care houses (MSP)
  • One day care hospital, Mosaïques (HJM)

HNP collaborates with the psychiatric departments of general hospitals around Namur providing first-line care, shelter, and support structures. HNP also actively takes part in the continuity of care through assisted housing programmes (IHP), psychiatric care houses (especially St-Martin MSP), and investment in mental health workers and care homes.

CNP Saint-Martin is involved in various innovative research and implementation projects locally, nationally, and internationally. Key projects are listed below.

Keep Youth Safe From Cyberbullying

The CNP St. Martin partners with Cyber Bullying (CB Youth) to understand the dynamics of cyberbullying in online environments among youth, to develop educational resources for professionals involved in youth activities in order to prevent cyberbullying type behaviours, and to develop youth skills to protect themselves from Cyberbullying and disseminate findings among educational professionals.

Improving Networks of Professionals for the Mental Health of Older People with Psychiatric Disorders in Europe

Part of a larger public mental health initiative to improve the care and quality of life of older people with psychiatric disorders, CNP St. Martin is partnering with Amélioration du Réseau pour les Personnes Agées (ARPA) to empower patients both in institutions and at home. Project aims include:

  • Conduct a review of the literature on networks of professionals with older people with mental disorders
  • Conduct a professional practices analysis survey of professionals working in a network for this population
  • Conduct a socio-cultural reflection on networking in Europe for the support of the elderly
  • Design and test a European exchange platform for the implementation and monitoring of work in Europe
  • Draft guide of recommendations on conditions and parameters favorable to the efficiency of a network of care and follow-up of elderly people with mental disorders
  • Promote mental health networking for professionals through European conferences and publications

Additional CNP Saint-Martin projects include:

  • Namur Health Network (Réseau Santé Namur, RSN)
  • Mobile care teams (PLEIADE)
  • PHILEAS project
  • ELeA
  • WAB Network
  • AÏDA project
  • Therapy Assistant by Animal (TAA)
  • The cognitive ground area
  • TSI Saint-Martin (Care circuit for paroled patients)
  • Several European lifelong learning programs
  • The Clinical Research Hub
  • The research-action project
  • The local family committee of MSP
  • Multifamily therapies

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