The Foundation shall work to aid and support children who are affected by war, warlike situations and disasters as well as their families through the following activities:

  • promote and support research concerning the short- and long-term effects of such events
  • develop, maintain, and implement manuals and instruments that may be used to help children and their families
  • promote the implementation of research based methods to help children and their families

The Foundation shall work to obtain grants, contributions and other kinds of financial support from various financial sources. Such economic resources allocated to support relevant research projects shall be based on the assumption that these projects often will be very long term.

The Foundation shall make results of the research available to the public, thus increasing the general and international understanding of the effects of war, warlike situations and disasters on children and their families.

The Foundation shall make the manuals available to the public and administer training in the use and implementation of the manuals on a cost only basis.

The Foundation shall work to minimise its own costs, and ensure that the grants and contributions, shall be allocated to the activities mentioned above. 

Summary of relevant work: 

The development and work of the Foundation has been outlined in the following published paper:

Yule, W., Dyregrov, A., Raundalen, M., & Smith, P. (2013). Children and War: Past and present. The work of the Children and War Foundation. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 4: 18424 -


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