Improving cognitive diagnoses, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.

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Clevermind uses HireVue's ( platform and deep learning technology for telehealth, resulting in super-human accuracy for cognitive diagnosis, decisions and outcomes.

Clevermind's structured interactions are a valuable method for eliciting high fidelity, rich, diagnostic-relevant information. Structured interviews balance the ability to diagnose with a more positive, engaging patient experience. Our state-of-the-art machine learning data science techniques extract and understand behavioral attribute patterns from an interview including:

  • Video: An analysis for facial expressions compared with different action units – observable components of human expression – or prototypical expressions of emotion (e.g., anger, happiness, disgust, surprise, fear, contempt, sadness)
  • Audio: A spectral analysis is conducted on raw interview audio, which measures tone of voice, modulation of pitch, utterances (smallest distinct units of speech), and repetition of speech
  • Natural Language: A transcription of the audio is converted to text for analysis of word choice, complexity, and semantic meaning

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