Since 1996, MSMC serves, listens, offers therapeutic attention and exposes people in the greater Bom Jardim area to new possibilities, overcoming their internalized poverty. By uniting popular, community and scientific knowledge through social practices that promote self-actualization, MSMC collectively constructs the Community Systemic Approach (Abordagem Sistêmica Comunitária, ASC). This is a multiple impact therapeutic approach that addresses the whole human being, connecting the community, environment and the transcendent in a responsible and transformative manner. This new social technology identifies communities that exhibit psychological suffering, addiction, existential fragility and general powerlessness, and responds with therapeutic exercises to empower the members of those communities and help them develop the processes necessary to improve their quality of life. 

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Community Systemic Approach (Abordagem Sistêmica Comunitária)

A methodology to strengthen communities, by addressing the bio-psycho-social-spiritual dimensions of individuals.
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