Connecting with People is a not-for-profit, community interest company established in 2010.

The Connecting with People approach is an organisational response to tackling suicide and self-harm. It is robust approach that combines compassion and clinical governance.  It involves developing awareness, knowledge and skills, whilst tackling stigma and building emotional resilience.  

The approach is strongly evidenced based and uses a set of clinical tools (fully peer reviewed and published) that ensure quality and consistent care.  Modular training builds knowledge, skills and compassion.  Clear structure and recording of information ensure excellent governance.  

An App is used to easily and securely integrate records with NHS IT systems. 

The Connecting with People approach has been designed to fit a specific gap in provision, rather than to duplicate what is already available.  Engagement of service users, the NHS and the third sector are central to the approach.


Connecting With People is the trading name of Open Minds Alliance
33 St James's Square