The CRONICAS Centre of Excellence in Chronic Diseases is the first specialized research institution in Peru, which focuses on chronic non-communicable diseases research. CRONICAS - Center of Excellence in Chronic Diseases, operates under Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH), both recognized among the most prestigious research institutions in South America. 

Established in 2009, CRONICAS aims to contribute to high-quality research on non-communicable diseases and, in turn, to improve population health in Peru. Ongoing projects at the Centre encompass a variety of fields including obesity, nutrition, hypertension, diabetes, co-morbidities, and mental health with regional focuses spread across six Peruvian regions spanning coastal, Andean, and jungle settings.The multidisciplinary team comprises of trained, experienced, and highly motivated professionals from complementary disciplines including economics, anthropology, psychology, and communications.

Summary of relevant work: 

During the past seven years of progressive development, CRONICAS has implemented 20 projects mostly in low-income settings of Peru, trained more than 20 specialists in effective chronic non-communicable diseases response management, supported the development of young researchers and collaborated with national and international institutions.

CRONICAS' experience ranges from designing and implementing a 4-year cohort study with 3000 participants to pragmatic clinical trials, qualitative studies, and research related to diabetes, hypertension, and mental health using implementation science and health system approaches. 

The Centre also actively engages with key stakeholders e.g. public health policymakers, study participants, and other researchers. The team at CRONICAS has participated in discussions with and organized workshops for policymakers and researchers from think tanks, NGOs, and others. 

A total of ~$16 million USD has been funded by major funding agencies including the National Institute of Health, IDRC, UK Medical Research Council, and Wellcome Trust for several national and international projects.


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