To be the leading advocacy organization addressing the full spectrum of mental and substance use conditions and their effects nationwide, works to inform, advocate and enable access to quality behavioral health services for all.


Summary of relevant work: 

There are over two thousand patients with mental illness receiving treatment in mental hospitals and units in Ghana. One thousand out of two thousand may be substance abusers and may need rehabilitation. They are not on regular medication, many of them affected by the drug's side effects, poor social skills and life skills, and very poor socio economic background. Family members, wife, kids, husband are indirectly affected by their illnesses. Kids give up their education half way through school due to poverty. Both adults and children need basic education and training in skilled work such as mason work, carpentry, computer and information technology as well as horticulture.


DEAR Psyconsult is involved with:

Continuous development programs for mental health staff
Counselling services
Home therapy