DIKDIK  is an organization that relies on a wide network in Africa and Asia to promote positive mental health towards children and work on articulation between parents and children. We work with both organizations and local leaders like the Hameedat Poverty Foundation in Nigeria (Hameedat Balogun).

Summary of relevant work: 

DIKDIK Development is an organization located in France specialising in social entrepreneurship and innovation. It is mainly present in Nigeria and operates through two main vital axis:

  •  A H20 (water) Program where boreholes are drilled in remote villages of Nigeria
  • Health2O Program that relies on the fact that mental health is as vital as water. It operates in orphanages in Nigeria to provide workshops of personal development to orphans to help them cope with the loss of their parents

DIKDIK Development operates thanks to a local organization called the Hameedat Poverty Relief Foundation located in Lagos and directed by its founder Mrs Hameedat Balogun.

44 rue de la Croix Moreau
+33 6 24 96 93 52
Key partners: 
  • Hameedat Poverty Foundation - Nigeria - Founder Hameedat Balogun
  • ILLS - Liberia - Ousman Dorley
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers