To provide opportunities for learners in rural public primary schools, by enabling access to quality education, boosting their esteem, and empowering learners to realize their potential.

Elimu Fanaka is a Swahili phrase meaning “Education for Prosperity” we believe education is crucial for any society or people to prosper. We are impacting learners in rural public primary schools from underserved communities in Kenya to access quality education by leveraging it as a tool and schools as centers for creating positive transformation. Elimu Fanaka is building bridges by creating sustainable and positive transformation in communities through improving education standards and engaging the communities in systems change.

Our beneficiaries have had resource constraints, and we are mindful of making our approach accessible to those who would otherwise not have such opportunities. Elimu Fanaka’s goal is to nurture leaders who will act as change agents from the grassroots to the national level. We are intentional about designing products and services that are valuable for empowering a diverse range of learners to value education for success regardless of their situations and backgrounds.

By partnering with public schools in rural Kenya, Elimu Fanaka is equipping learners to excel in school and enabling them to successfully navigate through life. Through a participatory approach, Elimu Fanaka works with external stakeholders and these communities to find solutions to existing challenges including that of lack of quality education, to provide them with opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have.

We are achieving this by providing schools with Libraries & Technology facilities to improve learners’ academic performance. We use Arts & Culture and Mentorship to promote learners’ mental health and well-being and engage them in alternative learning methods. Through the systems change approach Elimu Fanaka works closely with parents, teachers, and community members, empowering and Capacity Building them through economic and professional development to create a safe environment to support these learners holistically.

Summary of relevant work: 

Elimu Fanaka exists to break barriers of lack of access to quality education and bridge the gap between needs and resources by working alongside local communities and like-minded partners, in a participatory approach to build sustainable communities through holistic education.


ACK lane, Birikani, Voi, Kenya

+254 (0) 727 694 287
Key partners: 
  • Future First Kenya
  • Kenya National Libraries Services
  • Techlit Africa
  • Metis
  • Fatrain Films
  • PaperSeed Foundation
  • Kirche in Aktion
  • Segal Family Foundation
  • GO Campaign
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
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Policy makers