We envisage a Botswana that will protect and take care of the mentally ill.


Embrace Emotions Support Network exists to end stigma linked with mental health in Botswana and to promote and protect the rights of people with mental illness.


  • To promote awareness on mental health issues
  • To advocate for mental health targeting policy makers, media and other relevant stakeholders
  • To promote support groups for those affected by mental health
  • To collaborate with like-minded NGOs, stakeholders, government departments and private sector in pursuit of the mental health agenda
Summary of relevant work: 

Embrace Emotions Support Network (EESN) was registered in June 2016 as an NGO and duly launched in September 2016. Since its inception, EESN has organised and participated in many forums that work to promote mental health and it’s still in such pursuit. Below are some of the activities we have participated in:

  • Various talk shows on television, radio stations and print media to create awareness of mental health
  • Commemorative events such as the World Suicide Prevention Day and held public lecturers on suicide prevention
  • Yoga sessions and retreats in a bid to promote mental health
  • Wellness events of various organisations and workplaces to give an insight into mental health

We have also advocated vehemently against policies by the government that were detrimental to those with mental health problems. One such policy has since been rescinded. Through our Facebook page, we continue to provide extensive information on mental health and promote dialogue on topics related to mental health matters. The organisation is at an advanced stage of establishing support groups for caregivers of people with mental health problems and those having mental health problems themselves.


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Key partners: 

The organization currently survives on membership dues and citizens personal contributions.

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers