Fearless Planet promotes economic advancement for low-income women by creating viable business opportunities and providing marketable skill training. We assist in establishing reliable supply chains and work to ensure fair trade practices are upheld. Health and education initiatives are integrated into all our economic advancement programs. In particular, Fearless Planet addresses mental health issues that are often linked with poverty, including domestic violence, depression, and substance abuse. At the heart of our projects is a commitment to empowering women to improve the quality of life for themselves and their children. Fearless Planet is an NGO and 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the United States.

Summary of relevant work: 

Fearless Planet projects support women entrepreneurs and create jobs for low-income women. Our projects incorporate health and education initiatives through which thousands of families benefit and which promote safe and supportive environments for children and adults. Our projects include organic and fair trade farming and processing of palm oil, dried fruits, and chili peppers, micro financing and business training for women entrepreneurs, and a variety of specialized production initiatives in West Africa and South America linked to companies in the US and Europe.


Fearless Planet
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Key partners: 

Fearless Planet project partners include companies, international donor agencies, private foundations, and other NGOs.

In addition, we have received additional support from The American Baseball Players Association, and private foundations.

United States of America