Friends of Diversity is a youth led organisation and grassroots non-governmental organization established in 2017 with a mandate to conduct research, provide youth trainings and support varying forms of civic action in the context of LGBTQI+ youth and key populations in Botswana as well internationally.

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Our focus is solely on improving the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons within the context of a challenging the socio-economic landscape. We have served as a platform for young LGBTQI+ youth and key populations to explore their talents, share their stories and strengthen skills through community asset based engagement. This has been accomplished with minimal financial and manpower resources, largely on a volunteer basis. Many social issues, such as violence within partnerships, hate crimes, lack of access to health care, discrimination and unemployment  are not adequately addressed, leaving the LGBTQI+ youth and community to believe that services are not available for them. Therefore, Friends of Diversity is strategically positioned to address and ensure that the latest and innovative interventions are tailor made in improving the health, mental, socio- economical livelihoods of LGBTQI+ youth and key populations of Botswana in different spectrums of life.

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We run self-care groups, make referrals to specialist services and raise awareness of mental health conditions amongst this community.
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