Fundación Saldarriaga Concha aims to transform Colombia into a caring society that recognizes and respects people with disabilities and the elderly. As an organization we have five core principles to guide our mission. Recognition: all people are a fundamental part of our society and subjects of rights, with the ability to contribute and improve it. Respect: we respect others because we are their peers in equal dignity, the family whom we consider essential in our work, the communities and the institutions with which we work to achieve our goals. Collaboration: we all add up, we work collaboratively to generate change and inspire others to achieve transformations with high social impact. Transformation: We transform actions and behaviors through the rigor of evidence, the attitude of learning and the dissemination of knowledge to innovate in our actions in a flexible and creative way in order to generate the greatest possible impact. Solidarity: we recognize that the well-being of the other is part of our own well-being.

Summary of relevant work: 

Our value chain aims to define the stages that must be met by all the projects carried out by the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation.

The stages defined in the value chain are: understand, learn and materialize.

Understand: this stage of the process seeks to explore, define the problem and come up with innovative solutions for themselves and others through collaborative work to break down barriers that prevent the inclusion of people with disabilities and the elderly.

Learn: in this stage, the solutions devised are tested and adjusted – whether their own or those of others – in order to determine if they are useful, adjust them and validate that their impact is effective.

Materialize: implies implementing the solution on a larger scale involving other actors in the ecosystem, public or private.

This cycle of projects must be accompanied by permanent actions of visibility, incidence, knowledge management and monitoring.

Our bet is that through this value chain we will be able to inspire others to join our dream of transforming Colombia into a caring society that recognizes and respects the elderly and people with disabilities.

Founded by this value chain, we have developed the Multidimensional Index of Social and Productive Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, a survey to characterize the dynamics of inclusion of our target population. We have also implemented programs to foster healthy ageing such as "Historia en yo mayor" and "Me cuido activo". Having inclusion at the core of our work, we have developed the “Conmigo, contigo, con todo – 3Cs” (With me, with you, with all) program to promote inclusion by strengthening the resilience and compassion traits of vulnerable individuals and communities.


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