Girls For Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation

Girls For Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation

Girls For Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation is a survivor led CBO that provides Trauma Informed psychosocial support to survivors, caregivers, adolescents and students in Mombasa County, Kenya.

Mission statement

Our mission is to foster healing and recovery among survivors to support them in accessing mental health care and seeking justice to build resilient trauma sensitive communities. We do this in collaboration with the County Government of Mombasa Directorate of Gender and other CSOs.

Summary of relevant work

Girls For Girls Africa Mental Health Foundation is a survivor-led organization whose core mission has been to promote a trauma-sensitive community and build resilience to foster healing and recovery among women who have been subjected to harmful practices such as Gender Based Violence since 2018of registration number DSD/ MSA/CD/ CBO/2022/146.

 G4G AFRICA works with Adolescents Girls and Young Women (AGYW), Child marriage survivors, Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) survivors and Adolescents Living with HIV (ALWH) and victims who have been directly or indirectly affected around and beyond the coastal region, like, early marriage, Sexual Gender Based Violence trauma, economic hardships, impartially in the justice system, and their human rights

As an organization we have so far been able to deliver psychotherapy programs to more than 1000 survivors and caregivers especially at coastal region and currently offering mental health and wellbeing on campus at the coastal region. This has been done through face-to-face interactions, physical group therapies, training of mental health champions physically and online, tele counselling and in online social platforms. We have also started a project on pumpkin farming and its value addition to economically empower the survivors.

Being part of the Mombasa Court Users Committee and the GBV Technical working group, we have so far helped more than 400 survivors get justice, fully and partially, as some cases are still in court. These survivors come from Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Taita Taveta, and Nairobi and across the whole country.

Our group mission is to be boldly holistic while we provide support. We aim to advance bodily autonomy and wellbeing by considering both body, mind and soul; and for supporting not only individual survivors but their families and caregivers. The organization provides counselling, yoga sessions, plants therapy, journaling, art therapy and group therapy to our clients regularly. This has been of help as the survivors go beyond than just sitting in a counselling session to have a form of exercise which improves their overall wellness

The organization is a community based and has been working closely with the community involved while leveraging on lived experience. By working in partnership with the community, we have empowered survivors to achieve wellness healing and fair justice, and to live fully in their communities in awareness of their rights. This has improved how victims integrate back into the society and reclaim their lives.

The organization has been able to bring stakeholders from Mvita County together to create a referral network to enhance reporting and facilitate psychosocial support to victims and/or potential victims of child marriage and SGBV. This has improved civil education on adverse of child marriage among community members who believe in such outdated harmful practices. This has enabled us to enhance the understanding of community members and leaders especially parents, teachers, and community leaders on mental health issues through capacity building and information sharing.

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