The Health Collective aims to be a repository for trusted information on mental health issues, including a database of vetted and peer-recommended psychologists and psychiatrists in India.

The Health Collective is foremost a safe space for conversations on mental health, featuring blogs and first-person accounts on what it is to live with a given mental health condition. Creating an online community, it will raise awareness, and help remove stigma, in addition to providing trusted information on mental health conditions and where to go for help. (Initially in English, it will roll out different language versions soon.)

Summary of relevant work: 

The Health Collective features blogs by psychologists on depression and anxiety disorders, first-person accounts by survivors on life with bipolar disorder, overcoming an eating disorder, living with schizophrenia, and much more. It also features interviews and information on various mental health conditions, and a peer-vetted database of resources.


Vasant Kunj, Delhi 110070, India

+91 9810846986

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