The Health Collective is a trusted source of content around Mental Health and Mental Illness, where stories are told and shared from an India lens. Set up by journalist and writer, Amrita Tripathi, the site and social media pages are a safe space for conversations on Mental Health. Stories include commissioned, original reportage, expert columns and first person stories, as well as comics and Art for Mental Health. The Health Collective is a community and repository of credible information, in English, Hindi and Tamil.

Summary of relevant work: 

In 6.5 years, we have published 500 stories, a mix of commissioned content and first person stories on living with conditions like Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Comics for Mental Health, a series on Understanding Therapy, a series related to COVID-19; We have been featured in the national and international media.

We have had  4 books published to help mainstream conversations on Mental Health in India, including the 3-book ‘Mindscape’ series:

  1. Real Stories of Dealing with Depression (Amrita Tripathi, Arpita Anand | 2019),
  2. Young Mental Health (Tripathi, Meera Haran Alva | 2020 ) and
  3. Age of Anxiety (Tripathi, Kamna Chhibber | 2021)
  4. Life Interrupted: Understanding India’s Suicide Crisis (Tripathi, Soumitra Pathare, Abhijit Nadkarni / 2022)
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