Our mission is to improve health and health equity in crises-affected countries working in partnership to achieve excellence in public health research, education and translation of knowledge into policy and practice.

Summary of relevant work: 
  • A series of systematic reviews published (including one Lancet paper due at the end of 2016) on the effectiveness of health interventions in humanitarian crises commissioned by DFID and the Wellcome Trust which drew on staff expertise from all faculties as well as external collaborators.
  • Health and crises-related teaching on London-based and distance learning LSHTM MSc modules (Conflict & Health; Nutrition in Emergencies; Global Mental Health; Diploma in Tropical Nursing; and Designing Disease Control Programmes in Developing Countries)
  • Collaborative short courses (Mental Health in Emergencies in partnership with the Institute of Psychiatry).
  • Development of free online courses (Epidemiological tools in conflict-affected populations; Health in humanitarian crises).
  • Organisation of well-attended Health in Humanitarian Crises research & practice seminars.
  • Organisation of quarterly ‘Bloomsbury Humanitarian Debates’ with Birkbeck College.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,

Seeking collaboration with: 
Policy makers
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland