Vision: To be a national model of community resource for support and recovery in mental health care.

Mission: To help individuals recovering from enduring mental health conditions regain control of their lives through appropriate professional, family, peer, and communal supports; as well as productive daily engagements that would assist them to master their residual impairments, functional limitations & social restrictions; and be empowered for a sustainable livelihood in the society.

Our Homeless mentally ill Persons Care & Recovery (HoPeCaRe) Project is a special project of "Hope Restoration & Health Initiative" - NGO; for the rescue, care, rehabilitation and social reintegration of homeless mentally ill individuals, beginning with acute care in a psychiatric hospital.

Summary of relevant work: 

We operate a 16-bed purpose built "supported accommodation" for transitional residential placement of individuals with mental health conditions, who had been discharged from psychiatric hospital admission, but do not have a "suitable" place to live. We help residents acquire relevant life skills they need to build the foundations for independent living (including regular outpatient follow up care appointment keeping and medication adherence); in addition to the desired and deserved respite and burden relief for family members.

Our intervention provides a great burden relief and source of hope, to family members who have hitherto been overburdened physically, emotionally and financially by their exclusive responsibility for patient’s care without any governmental support. Care fatigue by family members is a major cause of homelessness and street wandering among individuals with severe mental illness in our society.

We began operation in September 2020, and have so far supported 26 individuals with diagnosis of severe mental illness in their recovery journey. The residents' average duration of stay is 11 months, with a range of 2 to 20 months. Nine residents have so far transitioned into the community, living alone or with family members, with ongoing floating support from Hope Resource, and out patient follow-up at the government mental health service facilities close to their new residence.

We are currently in partnership with Ember Mental Health receiving support towards the development of our operational model, and in creating a strong communications strategy that can help to secure funding and other partnerships.

Our goal is to become a benchmark social enterprise for support and reintegration of people recovering from severe mental health conditions, and eventually to replicate the model in other parts of Nigeria.


Klm. 10 Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway, Ayeloja, Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria.

Key partners: 

SHM foundation – Ember Mental Health.

SHM foundation – Ember Mental Health.
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
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