The Human Aspect is the world's first online library of life experience. In hundreds of in depths-videos, which are accessible on the platform for free, people from around the world share their toughest challenge and how they overcame it. This can be depression, abuse, drug addiction, suicide, loss of a parent, eating disorders -- all kinds of things that can happen to all of us.

All interviews are based on the same three questions:

  1. What has been your life’s toughest challenge?
  2. How did you overcome it?
  3. What have you learned?

Our vision is to fill the mental health gap between the professional services out there and everyday people, to make sure no one is ever alone with a life challenge. Our way to do that is through digitizing human-to-human support through empowering thousands of people to become professionals within their narrow field, by sharing their own life experience. In this way we can make sure 1 person’s story can reach millions of people at the same time. Together we can positively impact a billion people.

We’re a non-profit foundation that creates in-depth video interviews to help people out of their life challenge. All the interviews we do are freely accessible for anyone on our webpage.

Summary of relevant work: 

The Human Aspect was founded in 2017 by Norwegian Jimmy Westerheim and is growing at high pace. Currently, we have users in more than 190 countries and have reached more than 25 million users through our multiple channels on Facebook, Instagram and our website. Besides our videos, which are published on a nearly daily basis, we also offer two podcast series: "Hverdagspsyken" and "The Human Aspect podcast" (both accessible at Spotify). Besides that, we host a lot of regular events in Norway and abroad and are increasingly invited to international panel discussions, conferences and so on. We are collaborating with organisations like the Norwegian Red Cross, the Norwegian Kavli Foundation, Clubhouse International or Facebook. Our resources are also part of the curriculum in Oslo University and other psychological institutes around the world.


Tordenskjoldsgate 3, 0160 Oslo

+47 924 55 130
Key partners: 

Kavli Foundation (Norway) Facebook Red Cross Norway


Kavli Foundation, Facebook as well as multiple private donors.

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers