What does it mean to be human? A complex question with perhaps an even more complex answer. The truth is, we may not be able to answer this for you. But what we can do is introduce you to the workings of the mind and give you a new perspective on mental illness. We are The Humanology Project. We seek to change the way people view mental illness on a global scale by introducing them to the many facets that comprise it. Because we know there is no shame in not feeling yourself.

We are comprised of scientists and doctors, professors and students, writers and artists. And our varied titles allow us to give you a varied view on mental illness. Something we like to call Pathos, Ethos and Logos. Through these three areas, we introduce you to the stories of individuals who have had or are dealing with mental illness, we provide you with credible articles translated from medical journals for you to learn and educate yourself on the workings of the mind, and lastly provide you with classes and tips to share your stories and help others change their view on mental illness as well. Through the sharing of education and the spreading of narratives we can all help destigmatize mental illness across the world.

United States of America