I M Human’s platform fosters human connections that turn life moments into opportunities for growth.  It is a place for people to connect in their most vulnerable and authentic form…as humans.  I M Human makes mental and emotional well-being accessible by shedding light on all our various “life moments” and providing a combination of relatable content, community engagement, as well as expert guidance to help transform the idea of “support” into something that is not only normalized but in fact, celebrated.  Life moments include a father having trouble engaging with his son at the end of a school day, a daughter trying to be supportive of her mother dating again, or a family and the loss of their teen to suicide.   

By creating a platform that enables people to share personal stories and lessons learned for any given “life moment,” – as well as providing trusted expert guidance and resources for taking action – it not only empowers the individual but also those around them.        

Ways to think about I M Human:

  • Imagine a place where people can connect on a daily basis around being human, where they find support for their human growth journey.  Think SoulbookTM vs. Facebook.  
  • A place that recognizes that the growing awareness around the importance of one’s “mental & emotional fitness” will mirror the same journey of acceptance that physical & nutritional fitness took in the last century and will translate into a much larger opportunity for doing good than both combined.  
  • A fully interactive media property combining elements of community engagement, expert support and curated content radicalizing support for personal growth.   

The market for mental and emotional well-being support is considered one of the biggest new tech markets with market estimates in the hundreds of billions.  It is being labeled as “Transformative Technology”.


I M Human

225 Bush St / San Francisco, CA

United States of America