We aim to create awareness on the global existence and impact of mental health issues on our society thus the need for mental well being through aiding the youth to identify existing mental health issues and allowing them access to the tools and processes necessary for their resolution.
Summary of relevant work: 
  • We have been able to provide peer support in Kenyan universities and launched a support group network
  • We have set up a helpline where we respond to suicide threats and attempts and give them the appropriate care needed
  • We offer free counselling and link people to counsellors that are best fit for them anywhere around the world
  • All of our ongoing projects are listed and described in our introductory newsletter
06, The Royal Village,
Nairobi, Kenya
+(254) 75-844-5598
Key partners: 
  • New Start to Health (USA)
  • Winalove Enterprises (Kenya)
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers