Suicide remains a universal challenge with millions impacted by suicidal behaviour. Suicide is among the top 20 causes of death globally for people of all ages (7,00,000 p/a). Limited data means the true extent of suicidal behaviour remains hidden (~20 attempts per/suicide); and suicide is far-reaching, leaving many affected and/or suffering intense grief (~135 people per/suicide).

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) is the key global organisation, dedicated to preventing suicide and suicidal behaviour, to alleviating its effects and to providing a forum for academicians, mental health professionals, crisis workers, volunteers, and suicide survivors.

Strengthening mental health support is fundamental to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s strategic priorities and suicide rate; a SDG indicator. IASP works collaboratively in suicide prevention, by focusing on increasing impact through key activities at global, national and community level.

Summary of relevant work: 

IASP’s new five year strategy (2019 – 2023) emphasises the necessity of strengthening effective collaboration with stakeholders; inter organisationally at UN and global level, along with industry, institutes and associations. Collaboration is the significant theme throughout, in promoting effective evidence-based programmes and the essential delivery of culturally sensitive initiatives. It is designed to encourage and enthuse all sectors to be active partners in joint ventures and to agree to be part of the solution in reducing suicide.


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