It’s Ok To Talk is a safe space to share your experiences with mental health, mental illness and wellbeing. We believe that talking about mental health is the first step to breaking the stigma.

Our campaign is a space to voice the difficult reactions, emotions and stories that accompany mental health — whether you are the one experiencing challenges, or are someone who sees it happening around you to family members or friends. It’s Ok To Talk publishes real stories in a variety of media forms by young people facing mental health challenges. It is a community to share expressions, tell stories, connect with others, and raise your voice for mental health.

It's Ok To Talk is an initiative by PRIDE, Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicial Medicine (LSHTM), Harvard Medical School and Sangath and is supported by the Wellcome Trust, UK. PRIDE is a research program seeking to develop psychosocial interventions for adolescents with mental health problems in India. 

Summary of relevant work: 

This past engagement project report blog nicely summarises relevant work from PRIDE here.


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PRIDE (PRemIum for aDolEscents)

A personalized, stepped care, trans-diagnostic approach addressing the contextual factors associated with mental health problems through information technology.
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