Kokoro is a mental health not-for-profit that champions mental health as the foundation for a safer, kinder and more productive world.

Mission statement

By 2035, we want to see global momentum behind a shared understanding of what a mentally healthy world looks like. Leaders will have the evidence for how positive mental health contributes to our individual, collective and planetary health, and will be taking action against agreed targets and milestones.

Summary of relevant work

We play our part by:

  1. Connecting:
    1. Building a strong community of private funders who integrate mental health into their work.
    2. Helping funders, experts & activists to collaborate and catalyse mental health action.
  2. Scaling:
    1. Encouraging new financial and human capital to be invested into mental health.
  3. Championing:
    1. Building the narrative and case for investing in positive mental health.

Amplifying the voices of mental health activists and people with lived experience.

Key partners

We work in radical collaboration with a global network of allies, partners and funders, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as our framework. Some partners include MHIN, UGMH, GMHPN, McKinsey Health Institute, IAMHRF.

Seeking collaboration with

Experts by experience/service users
Other organizations
Policy makers


All mental health conditions
Central America and the Caribbean
Middle East
North America
South America