LEAD Community Foundation was founded on the basis of orienting the world on the illness depression, addressing societal misconceptions, providing conducive and accessible resources to clients and all this will be achieved by engaging the community through social media and physical outreach.

Summary of relevant work: 

LEAD Community Foundation is a non profit organization registered under corporate affair commission form, LEAD is a purpose driven organization with a vision of mitigating the effects of depression and promoting mental health literacy through education, awareness and advocacy. LEAD has been in operation since 2018, after Mr. Kelvin Opiepie (Founder) came out of Depression and had to do extensive research about the illness and its effect on our world today's world. The result birthed LEAD Community Foundation as a protecting shield for victims and potential victims from suffering from mental illness.

Over the years, LEAD has made significant impact in the local communities in her birth country, Nigeria and until recently reaching other African countries, reaching over thousands of persons (range from young to old individuals) through educational programs to create awareness and extend the knowledge of people concerning the illness. She had also reached out and counsel over 150 person living with mental health conditions at different levels (from mild to severe cases). This is only to mention a few impacts she’s made over the years.

Currently, she is taking a step further to expand the project to more states within Nigeria and other Africa nations, to whom she hopes to share the vision and render her support.


8, Gbadamosi Street Off Oremeji Bus stop. Akute Ogun State. Nigeria

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers