We envision a healthy society where women are empowered as agents of change and children are free to achieve their highest potential in life. Such a society is free of unnecessary and preventable deaths of women and children due to a lack of quality reproductive and child health services.

Our mission is to improve the health of mothers and children in the district of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan through the provision of high quality reproductive and child health services in a safe, hygienic, and women-centered environment. We strive for the highest attainable level of care that reflects local needs and is informed by evidence and empathy. We work in solidarity with the most vulnerable women of Sri Ganganagar to uncover and alleviate structural violence.

We believe that improving the health of women and children is a fundamental step towards overcoming intergenerational cycles of poverty. In our view, health is not just the absence of disease; rather, it is a state of wholeness unifying physical, mental and social wellbeing.