The Medical Center offers heavily subsidized and selective pro bono medical treatment in Tuberculosis, comorbid HIV cases, and most primary health issues to the local underprivileged population. The work includes offering low cost, complete diagnostic radiology and pathology investigations while maintaining high standards of care.

Summary of relevant work: 
Currently, the Center is undertaking a unique public health study headed by Dr. Harshal Awasthi in collaboration with advisors from leaders in the field at the Global Health Delivery Intensive (GHDI) project by Harvard Medical School. The project serves to determine the efficacy of a mental health screening of patients suffering from tuberculosis and other chronic medical diseases as a tool to unearth mood disorders and social dysfunction in a society where mental health problems continue to carry social stigma.
The Center also provides free ambulatory care in the highly underdeveloped villages in the interiors of the district where healthcare systems are non-existent. This includes free health camps, free basic medicine dispensing with support from pharmaceutical firms, and the option to continued follow up care at the main Center in Kanpur totally free of cost.
A research wing of the Center is also under development with assurances of some support of the establishment. While it’s still in its planning stages, this offshoot is intended to use the data at its disposal to publish the unique health issue challenges of the underprivileged, to draw support and attention for betterment of their situation, as well as to highlight the burden on human lives due to plain poverty and inability to have access to and pay for treatment of basic health issues like tuberculosis, which is endemic to the region. 

Matra Chhaya Medical Center
111/157, Harsh Nagar, Kanpur
UP, India

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