Mental 360

Mental 360

Established in 2016 Mental 360 is a non-profit social enterprise . The organization seeks to promote mental health by raising awareness in the society, creating support systems and advocacy for youth experiencing mental health challenges.

Mission statement

Established in 2016 Mental 360 is a non-profit social enterprise . The organization seeks to promote mental health by raising awareness in the society, creating support systems and advocacy for youth experiencing mental health challenges. Mental 360 was founded by Bright Shitemi after experiencing his own journey with depression and suicidal ideation. His goal was to raise awareness, open up safe spaces and provide holistic support to at-risk persons experiencing mental health challenges. Mental 360 recognizes the need to start having conversations related to mental health from the household level through to the national level. To do this, we constantly adapt to the changing operational context by realigning institutional set up to better address the increasingly complex societal concerns, issues and needs. Our vision is Healthy, resilient and empowered communities. Mental 360 believes in, and is guided by the following ideals: Dynamic Brotherhood/ Sisterhood Integrity Inclusivity Service to others Courage Our culture is non-discriminatory and we treat everyone equally without any regard to their race, gender, color, sexual orientation or religion.

Summary of relevant work

Our Social Impact programs include: Psychosocial Support: At Mental 360, we know that mental health is a critical component of overall health and wellbeing, and that’s why we’re dedicated to providing on-demand accessible, inclusive, high-quality care to those who need it most. With our holistic approach, we offer mental health support services to at-risk persons in our society. Our team of skilled professionals offer client-based interventions that are tailored to each person’s unique needs and goals. Through individual and group therapy, peer support, and educational programs, we help our community realise and build their resilience. Our services are offered virtually or in-person.

Boma Wellness Clubs in Schools: Mental 360 co-designed (with students) the Boma Wellness Clubs program to create safe spaces for students to learn about mental health and wellbeing in their context. The objective of the wellness clubs is demystifying and raising awareness on mental health, creating support systems, and to train peer mental health advocates in schools.

Cradle Arts Festival: The Cradle Arts Festival is an annual event that celebrates art and creativity in the community while increasing awareness about mental health and wellness. The festival showcases various art forms and provides a platform for young artists to showcase their work. We take some of the festival material across counties and contextualise the art materials to the various regions along language, culture, community needs and experiences performed in community social halls, gatherings i.e. road shows, local radio, church and schools and conversations made around the art pieces in a bid to raise awareness and strengthen social support systems.

Community Wellness Centres: Our community wellness outreach program aims to provide mental health resources and education to underserved communities that lack access to these services. We collaborate closely with grassroots organisations and community leaders to identify areas where mental health support is needed and develop targeted programs to address those needs. Through our community-led Community Wellness Centres, we ensure the sustainability of projects by training community members to run the centres. These centres serve as points of care for Psychological First Aid, peer support group meetings, and social services referrals. Our goal is to help individuals take control of their mental health, develop help-seeking behaviour, and create safe spaces for themselves and their communities.

Boma Wellness App: 1 in 4 Kenyans experience mental health challenges but owing to widespread stigma, lack of awareness and inadequate access to mental health care services very few seek or receive the help they need and thus end up suffering marked impairment in social and occupational functioning. The youth are the most vulnerable members of the community and the most affected by mental illness. Availing services on a digital user led platform such as Boma Wellness creates safe spaces for people to access care and information without the fear of stigma. This allows the user anonymity and autonomy while also improving health seeking behaviour which is a good prognostic factor in cases that might necessitate hospitalisation or specialised long term care.

Key partners

Kenya Bankers Association

Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya

Africa’s Talking Cradle

Arts Mirror of Hope

CBO Jacaranda Health Cheza

Cheza Dance Foundation

Dance 98

Academy Africa Insight

Headspace 254


Segal Family Foundation

Work Together Foundation

Grand Challenges Canada

The Open Society Initiative for East Africa

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