Summary of relevant work: 

Our focus is currently in four Central American countries -- El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. In El Salvador we run a "Family Education, Support, and Empowerment Program" for users and family carers. We recently received a four-year grant to provide networking and capacity building to user and family groups in four Central American countries. We also value the role that evaluation and research can play, both to improve operational programs and to help programs and systems become more effective through innovation and the use of evidence based practices. To that end we are beginning a new inter-institutional mental health research collaborative in El Salvador, which we hope has the potential to blossom into a global NIMH Hub for the region. To date, our project funding is primarily from foundations, but also from individual donors and businesses. We are small, but seeking additional funding to scale our efforts. One such effort is a goal to partner with BasicNeeds to increase access to rural areas in El Salvador. 


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