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The Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Network seeks to connect and support frontline workers, researchers and policy-makers in delivering and developing mental health and psychosocial support services for individuals and communities affected by crises across the globe. By promoting the sharing of practical advice and resources on both proven and promising interventions, the MHPSS Network will improve the effectiveness and sustainability of services provided to vulnerable people suffering the immediate and long-term social and mental health consequences of natural disaster, armed conflict, chronic poverty and devastating epidemics such as HIV/AIDS.

Key partners: 

The following institutions are closely involved in the management or governance of the MHPSS Network:

IASC MHPSS Reference Group (Geneva), Terre des hommes (Lausanne), Psychosocial Support and Child Rights Resource Centre (Manila), The Good Practice Group (Colombo), REPSSI (South Africa), UNHCR (Geneva), IFRC Psychosocial Reference Centre (Copenhagen), Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh).


The MHPSS Network has received financial and in-kind contributions from UNICEF (New York Headquarters), UNHCR (Geneva Headquarters), WHO (Geneva Headquarters), IFRC (Secretariat in Geneva & Psychosocial Support Centre in Copenhagen), Terre des hommes-Child Relief (Switzerland), REPSSI (Secretariat, Johannesburg), Lloyds TSB Foundation for Scotland (Edinburgh), The Good Practice Group (Colombo) and individuals, based in both high-income and developing countries.  At present the primary financial support to the MHPSS Network comes from a three-year grant for integrated innovation in global mental health from Grand Challenges Canada.

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