MHT Thematic Focuses

MHT has two main Focuses/Drives/motives/priorities which are:

  1. To sustain mental health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities, and the nation at large through:
    1. Advocating on mental health matters
    2. Promoting mental healthcare in Tanzania
    3. Supporting mental healthcare programs
    4. Proving mental health services
    5. Community psychological and psychosocial support
    6. Psychoeducation, and mental health awareness
  2. Eliminating mental illnesses and psychological challenges by implementing various:
    1. Preventive measures
    2. Intervention measures
    3. Management of mental illnesses and psychological challenges
    4. Assessments of mental illnesses and psychological challenges

Our vision is to see the community with mental health awareness, where everyone gets access to quality and reliable mental health services and psychological support.

Our mission is to serve, support, advocate and promote the community wellbeing and mental health through implementing preventive and intervention measures, managements, assessments, diagnosis and treatment of mental health related problems and psychological challenges.

Summary of relevant work: 
  1. Executing various prevention and intervention measures such as community psychological and psychosocial support, psychoeducation, and mental health awareness for the suitability of Mental Health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities, and the nation at large.
  2. Providing holistic mental health services such as Psychotherapy, Counselling and Guidance Services through assessments, diagnosis, treatment & management of mental illnesses & psychological challenges.
  3. Tele Mental Health Services. To ensure all communities are reached with timely and reliable services, MHT aims to improve mental health services at various levels and in different approaches. The objective of the Tele-mental health services is to provide Counselling, Psychological Support and Psychosocial support in a confidential environment
  4. MHT is seriously advocating, promoting, and supporting various mental healthcare systems such as leadership, governance and accountability, policies and ethics, legislation and regulations, multidisciplinary practitioners, mental health investment, mental health access, mental insurance scheme, mental health data and service delivery in Tanzania.
  5. MHT aims at creating consultations, mentoring, training, and coaching programs for skills development, increasing knowledge, and experiences
  6. MHT is committed on conducting mental health research to becoming a leading Centre of excellence in providing essential and up to date on mental healthcare in Tanzania

Mwanza, Tanzania

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Seeking collaboration with: 
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