Mon Foundation

Mon Foundation

Mon Foundation is a Kolhata based non-profit organization, which focuses on the area of mental health- awareness, care, research, training and publication.

Mission statement

Mon Foundation is an organization with a mission to reduce the suffering caused by mental disorders and improve the quality of life for sufferers and their caregivers, through awareness, care, training and research into mental health.

Summary of relevant work

Mon Foundation is a Kolkata based non-profit organization, registered under the Societies of West Bengal Act XXVI, 1961. It is established in 1992 by a group of mental health professionals, like psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric social workers, counselors, special educators, teachers and other stake holders, interested in mental health and child rights issues. “MON” is a Bengali word, means ‘mind. Its focus of activities has primarily been in the area of mental health– Awareness, Care, Research, Training and Publication.

It has been 19 years since Mon Foundation came into existence. In these years many activities have been generated that have been targeted to bring into focus mental health issues before the larger community. Our focus of activities has primarily been in the area of mental health– Awareness, Care, Research, Training and Publication. A number of projects have been taken up and completed, some are still ongoing.

We have been running ‘Mental Health Program for Children’ since last 13 years, with the support of the Child Rights and You (CRY). Undoubtedly, this is our most important program. Through this program we spread our activities from urban to remote village areas, in West Bengal, from mental health morbidity to promotion (through Life Skills Education), from school children to larger children population and from service & training approach to right-based journey also. 
Our partnership with UNICEF and Save the Children are another important area of collaboration.

Key partners

  • Child Rights and You (CRY)
  • Save the Children
  • Unicef

Seeking collaboration with

Other organizations


Detection and diagnosis
Prevention and promotion
Task sharing
Training, education and capacity building
Treatment, care and rehabilitation
Alcohol/drug use disorders
All mental health conditions
Child behavioural and developmental disorders
Dementia and other neurocognitive disorders
Depression/anxiety/stress-related disorders
Psychosis/bipolar disorder
Children and adolescents
Families and carers
Maternal and neonatal health
Older adults
Primary care
Specialist care