Monsenso is an innovative technology company offering an mHealth solution to help optimise the treatment of mental disorders. Our mission is to help healthcare providers, researchers, and individuals overcome mental illness.

Our solution provides a detailed overview of a patient’s mental health through the collection of behavioural data and self-monitoring. Based on continued research and development, our team is committed to developing comprehensive solutions that fit seamlessly into the lives of individuals, increasing the quality and efficacy of their treatment.

Summary of relevant work: 

Project: RADMIS
Illness: Depression and bipolar disorder
Partners: The Capital Region of Denmark and DTU
Year: 2016 -
Objectives: Validating how mCBT provided through the Monsenso solution to conduct Ecological Momentary Interventions can help reducing re-admission of depression and bipolar patients
Expected outcomes: 50% reduction in re-admissions

Project: E-mental
Illness: Anxiety and Borderline
Partners: Region of Southern Denmark,  SDU, AAU, Context Consulting
Year: 2016 -
Objectives: mDIARY: Validating that mDBT provided through the Monsenso solution is reliable and the data collected is clinically valid, and useable for helping borderline patients training skills from home, and speeding up their recovery.
Anxiety monitoring study: implement and validate the Monsenso solution for treatment of anxiety disorder.
Expected outcomes: Reducing treatment costs when applying the Monsenso mHealth solution in a clinical setting

Project: SAFE II
Illness: Major depression
Partners: The Capital Region of Denmark
Year: 2016 -
Objectives: Investigating how sleep and mood correlates and affects patients after they are released from inpatient care
Expected outcomes: Reducing re-admission through early intervention

Project: MindFrame
Illness: Schizophrenia
Partners: The North Denmark Region
Year: 2014-
Objectives: Providing young adolescents with an application that helps them in the recovery process.
Expected outcomes: Document how the Monsenso mHealth solution helps patients to recover faster and live a better quality life.

Illness: Bipolar disorder
Partners: The Capital Region of Denmark
Year: 2014 -
Objectives: Aims to establish further clinical evidence on the use of the MONARCA (Monsenso) system.
Expected outcomes: Document whether the system is effective in reducing depressive and/or manic symptoms (and other symptoms of bipolar disorder) and the rate of episode

Project: SAFE
Illness: Major depression
Partners: The Capital Region of Denmark
Year: 2012-2014
Objectives: Investigating how a smartphone app (Daybuilder) can support patients suffering from depression in their daily lives.
Key findings: High satisfaction with monitoring and good adherence in the usage of the DayBuilder system

Project: MONARCA
Illness: Bipolar disorder
Partners: The Capital Region of Denmark and 12 other European partners
Year: 2009-2013
Objectives: Developing/validating a solution for monitoring behavioural and physiological information relevant to bipolar disorder
Key findings: The MONARCA  system developed as a user-centred solution, which is validated as a suitable platform for monitoring and supporting treatment of bipolar disorder.
-Compliance rate of 87-93%
-considered very useful and extremely usable by patients and clinicians



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