The Movement for Global Mental Health is a network of individuals and organisations that aim to improve services for people living with mental health problems and psychosocial disabilities worldwide, especially in low- and middle-income countries where effective services are often scarce. Two principles are fundamental to the Movement: scientific evidence and human rights.

Summary of relevant work: 

The history of the Movement began in 2007 with a Call for Action published in the first Lancet series on global mental health. Through volunteerism and collaboration, the Movement has gradually grown to a stage where members are able to share ideas, initiate activities and seek resources, often in partnership with other members.

The Movement has grown to a membership of around 200 institutions and 10,000 individuals, many of whom are actively involved. Members of the Movement include individuals and families affected by mental health problems, health care providers, activists, decision makers and researchers worldwide. 

MGMH offers multiple benefits to both individuals and organisations that join its thousands of members, including possibilities for networking, knowledge sharing, joining national and international campaigning, news updates and participation in a bi-annual summit. By joining and being active in global mental health, you can contribute importantly to achieving the Movement’s aims.