The Moving Well Project (MWP) International, Inc., is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization which aims to improve the well-being of at-risk forced and voluntary migrant populations in Sub-Saharan Africa, through evidence-based health and mental health programs. The MWP aims to adapt/design, monitor/evaluate, and scale-up gender-based and trauma-informed behavioral health programs accounting for mobility among at risk migrant populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. With this overall objective, the MWP will build the capacity of researchers, clinicians and migrant populations from Sub-Saharan Africa and increase the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge and learning.

Summary of relevant work: 

To date, the Moving Well Project has worked with female fish traders and male trucker divers in Zambia. We have conducted a needs assessment with both target populations through rigorous qualitative and quantitative research methods. We have adapted an evidence-based program for female fish traders to address trauma exposure, mental health problems and HIV risk behavior and are in the process of piloting the program. We have also provided COVID-19 health prevention packages for over 100 fish traders in Zambia.


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