Music is a universal medium. We believe that music’s global influence can be used to tap into unlocked creativity, communicate deep ideas and act as a powerful catalyst for collaboration. We are dedicated to helping youth tap into their talents, better understand personal wellness and unleash their full potential. Why not leverage music, experiential learning and social/emotional literacy to meet the challenges of today's youth? Why not use the MySchoolROCKS methodology to mentor vulnerable youth to better understand resiliency, conflict resolution, team building, mindfulness, empathy and inclusivity? There have been significant inroads made in raising societal awareness about the complexities of youth mental health.  The time is now to put well intentioned words into action by redefining education and exploring innovative strategies that will support, inspire and transform our youngest citizens.

Forward thinking innovation and improving the culture in schools is at the heart of MySchoolROCKS. We envision transformational change at the grassroots level by teaching young people strategies for empathy, resiliency and stress management using progressive music methods and principles of Social/Emotional intelligence (SEL).

MySchoolROCKS is determined to take a more proactive approach with youth mental health by focusing on vulnerable young people during their developmental years (ages 8-14) thus maximizing both potential and future outcomes. We firmly believe that such forward thinking aligns with the global need to build capacity for vibrant and sustainable communities. Our collective research has determined that student resiliency, engagement and relationship skills are wanting. Youth who are engaged and motivated are capable of breaking down barriers and becoming leaders in lifelong learning, enlightened citizenship and economic productivity.

Through the delivery of our five part Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S modules, MySchoolROCKS is determined to be an educational innovator that addresses wellness and mental health while inspiring creativity and community building.  We are determined to expand the depth and reach of our R.O.C.K.S programs to become a global leader in digitally accessible, user friendly and academically empowering student programming. 

Summary of relevant work: 

MySchoolROCKS has developed a multi-faceted educational program, Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S that is anchored in Progressive Music Instruction and is delivered in conjunction with best practices in neuroplasticity, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL).

From our original MySchoolR.O.C.K.S Road Shows, piloting innovative R.O.C.K Band camps, hosting “Ideal Me Youth Workshops” to our Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S in studio experience, we have connected with over with 12,000 students since 2014.  Currently, over 600 students visited our centre and participated in our revamped “Carousel” studio program in the summer and fall of 2018.

Immersed in a fully equipped, authentic studio environment, students from Grades 3-8 are mentored in workshops designed to ignite creativity using traditional rock instruments (guitars, keyboards and drums). Facilitated by professional musicians, students are taught a step by step process that taps into right brain modalities using recognizable/contemporary songs.  In addition to rotating through instrument stations, students explore Sound Lab--a software based tutorial that allows them to sample, download, mix and share cloud based music.  Guided learning activities culminate with students writing, revising, recording and ultimately showcasing unique music. 

Hands-on learning is then re-enforced by wellness workshops that model skill sets emphasizing emotional intelligence, social-emotional learning and the power of growth mindsets. The MySchoolROCKS methodology acts as a guide, helping students attain the cognitive connection between learning an instrument, cultivating a growth mindset and taking responsible risks to showcase personal compositions.  Coached to “think like a musician”, students begin to identify with authentic learning-- the “ups and downs” that embody the creative process.

MySchoolROCKS prioritizes consultation with educational leaders, medical professionals and SEL experts to maximize the efficacy of our curriculum.  Moreover, we capture data from students and teachers who participate in our programs.  Continuing throughout 2019, MySchoolROCKS will assess the research data collected from the participants of Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S. Our evaluation criterion consists of student/teacher exit surveys, community roundtables, focus group interviews and dialogue with key stakeholders. Most importantly, through the generous support of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we will measure/evaluate the feedback generated by these consultations and investigate the steps required to digitize content and develop a universally downloadable App.  When applied in the proper curricular context, the global academic possibilities of a Music and Wellness R.O.C.K.S App are compelling.

MySchoolROCKS embraces opportunities to mentor youth through the modeling of divergent thinking, self-direction and responsible risk taking.  Our team encourages youth to trust their creativity, to collaborate, and to confidently showcase unique music projects to a variety of audiences. Our organization looks to open doors to personalized education thus rejuvenating arts curriculum and introducing fresh opportunities for student engagement.  We look to offer educators multiple opportunities for authentic assessment while encouraging youth to collaborate across platforms and develop valuable 21st century skills.

Most importantly, we encourage young people to take ownership of the learning process, embrace failing forward and leverage 21st century thinking that reduce the dissatisfaction, disconnect, and anxiety caused by antiquated curriculum. 

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