To identify substance use persons and individuals with mental illness, and war affected persons, rehabilitate, educate, empower and reintegrate.

NARDWAP Strategic Goals Include:

  • To prevent the initiation of drug use and the escalation of addiction in those who have already initiated use;
  • To diminish the spread of drug abuse and minimize the associated health and social consequences;
  • To provide an inclusive education for individuals with substance use disorder, mental illness, intellectual disabilities, blindness, etc through formal and informal education programs throughout Liberia’s school system

Services provided:

  • Transitional housing for individuals with addiction and mental illness;
  • Drug and Counseling
  • Mental Health Assessment and treatment
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Youth Violent Prevention
  • Sex Offender Assessment & Treatment
  • Provide inclusive education for individuals with intellectual disabilities, substance use disorder, mental illness, blind, etc.
  • Evidence-based research in the areas of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs
Summary of relevant work: 

NARDWAP, about a one-year old, was established to assist individuals with substance use challenges and affected by the fourteen years civil war and EBOLA epidemic in Liberia as a transitional home that seek to prevent, treat and educate the population on the abuse of harmful drugs in Liberia.  Over the past few months of its existence, NARDWAP has been involved with community awareness and outreach services through its Prevention and Harm Reduction Department training community leaders, students, drug addicts and other individuals on the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs that are harmful to human survival. Our outreach across the country is hindered by limited funds.

Over the past few months, NARDWAP, have gathered more than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) from friends who believe in the vision of the organization to assist with training across Montserrado County and its environs in 2018-2019. These community awareness on drug and alcohol abuse continue to make significant impact on the lives of vulnerable persons within the Liberian border. The work is nearly incomplete, and is well under-budget! $10,000 needed monthly to reach more communities with anti-drug messages in schools and communities. During a workshop in a slum community in Monrovia, specifically in West Point, NARDWAP received a gigantic donation of two acres of land for the construction of its rehabilitation center in Po River, Montserrado County by Miss Celestine Teta Hill-Steven who was invited by her friend, Tracy Brooks-Briggs as a guest to the NARDWAP Community Awareness Campaign in West Point, Monrovia.

Based on this donation, NARDWAP sought the technical advised of the Engineering Department at the Ministry of Public Work to begin the process of land survey and probate as well as the development of structural design for the construction of a state of the art rehabilitation center in Liberia.


  • During the period under review, the National Rehabilitation for Drugs and War Affected Persons conducted anti-drugs and alcohol awareness in the following communities and schools reaching more than eight Hundred and Ninety (890) participants beginning September 2018-April 2019. The community includes: Center Street, West Point, New Kru Town, Logan Town, Kpelleh Town, 72nd Community, etc.
  • Statistical Information on Community Awareness on Drug Abuse Prevention and Harm Reduction covering the cities and towns within Montserrado County, Liberia.

B.G. Freeman Building, Suite 5
Benson & Buchanan Streets
Monrovia, Liberia

Key partners: 
  • The Ministry of Health- Mental Health Unit
  • Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
  • Ministry of Education

  • We are currently being funded by individual funds and domestic resource mobilization.

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers