Ensuring that every person has fair & equal access to mental health services through massive sensitization campaigns, health talks and lectures. We aim to reduce the gap between service users and providers and generally involving all stakeholders, policy makers and donors to support of mental health. As a team of mental health service providers both students and professionals, we are serious about taking the task of volunteerism and making efforts for the wellbeing of people suffering mental ill health.

Summary of relevant work: 

NHMH-GM is involved in many activities and partnering with sister organizations. We recently embarked on the commemoration of the world mental health day with a march pass with a massive turn-out attracting individuals and stakeholders to support Tanka Tanka psychiatric hospital and Mental Health in general. Some of the activities we are involved in and that form part of our activity plans include:

  1. Strengthening efforts and enhancing quality service delivery, accessibility and affordability to the general populace
  2. Reducing stigma or discrimination and improving awareness through advocacy and sensitization via various TV and radio presentations
  3. Enhancing drug availability through donors and organizational activities
  4. Conducting training and various lectures at tertiary institutions and community level on various Mental Health disorders, how and when to seek for help as well as caring for someone suffering mental ill health
  5. Preventing the increase of substance misuse disorders especially in the younger generations through massive sensitization campaigns
  6. The improvement on existing knowledge and evidence-based patient care through conduction of researches  (Academic).
  7. A free screening and clinical service delivery

Tanka Tanka  Psychiatric hospital
The Gambia

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Key partners: 
  • Personal
  • Member contributions 
Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
Experts by experience/service users
Policy makers