No Limit Generation (NLG)

No Limit Generation (NLG)

No Limit Generation’s global child-wellbeing platform, equips aid workers, educators, and caregivers with the critical guidance they need to protect, support, and heal vulnerable and displaced children.

Mission statement

At No Limit Generation (NLG), we believe in the inherent strength, resilience, and limitless potential of each child to overcome the conditions of violence, instability, poverty, and hopelessness that often surround them.

The challenge is that too often aid workers and caregivers on the front lines lack the experience or professional background to support children in their safety, healing, and healthy development.

Experiences and environments of extreme or prolonged stress (toxic stress) take a tremendous toll on children’s physical and mental well-being, including:

  • Increased physical health impairments and disease
  • Impaired brain development
  • Early onset of mental health disorders
  • Difficulties forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Impaired decision-making, risky behaviors
  • Increased likelihood of victimization and abuse

The individual impact of extreme or prolonged stress holds life-long consequences for the child. Collectively, the impact to an entire generation (or generations) of children exposed to toxic stress and extreme experiences contribute to the propagation of violence, social instability, poverty, and conflict.

There are three ways we can help reduce the impacts of toxic stress and set these children on a healthy trajectory for positive life outcomes:

  1. Create safe, structured, and consistent environments for them to grow in
  2. Show up as caring, trustworthy, and supportive adults in their lives
  3. Believe in their potential to heal, rise and thrive.

NLG's training content address these three pillars of support, and can be incorporated into any humanitarian intervention to better protect, support, and heal vulnerable and displaced children. The videos are developed in partnership with leading child well-being experts. They are trauma-informed, evidence-based, and include critical topics, such as: 

  • Child protection
  • Health
  • Gender issues
  • Mental/Emotional wellbeing
  • Resilience & self-confidence
  • Positive parenting
  • Caregiver well-being

We adapt content to local languages and customs. Our unique approach increases the quality of interaction between caregivers and children, and creates the conditions for them to rise and thrive into their full potential.

Summary of relevant work

  • Founded the Safe Haven for 500 child-survivors of genocide in Bangladesh (Recognized by the US Department of State), Feb 2018
  • Launched NLG platform at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Annual Conference May 2019
  • 115 training videos from the world’s leading child well-being experts live on the NLG platform
  • 20+ Global organizations currently leveraging the NLG platform
  • Conducted successful pilot with 40 front-line caregivers in the Rohingya camps 
  • Awarded the prestigious Halcyon Fellowship and recognized as one of the “world’s most promising social impact solutions”
  • Awarded PeaceTech Fellowship at the US Institute of Peace Campus

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