Partnerships for Trauma Recovery (PTR) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to healing trauma among international survivors of human rights abuses including war, torture, forced displacement, human trafficking, gender-based violence and persecution due to identity, sexual orientation and beliefs. We draw on synergies among the core components of our model to:

  • Provide culturally aware, trauma-informed and linguistically accessible mental health care for refugees, asylees, asylum seekers and human trafficking survivors,
  • Expand clinical capacity to serve these populations, and
  • Advocate for policies to prevent trauma and re-traumatization.
Summary of relevant work: 

PTR’s Mosaic Healing Center offers psychological and psychosocial care to international survivors of human rights abuses in an effort to help this population recover from their traumatic histories and begin to rebuild their lives. Our clinical team assesses needs, implements appropriate therapeutic approaches, manages crises, provides integrated case management, and measures the effectiveness of interventions. Essential to our program is our team of mental health interpreters consisting primarily of refugees and asylees, who not only expand our linguistic reach but simultaneously strengthen their skills in mental health interpretation through our training and professional support program.

The psychological and psychosocial care is provided through one of the few multidisciplinary clinical training programs in the nation that is training psychology doctoral and social work master’s students to serve the specialized needs of this population with attention to clinical approaches for addressing severe international human rights abuses. Our trauma-informed and internationally focused didactic and experiential curriculum is combined with extensive clinical supervision, preparing graduates to effectively provide mental health and case management care for forcibly displaced populations with severe trauma. Since the opening of the Mosaic Healing Center in 2016, PTR has provided individual, family and group psychosocial support for displaced people from 29 countries including Afghanistan, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Eritrea, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Mexico, Syria, Uganda, Yemen and more.


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