Interventions seek to facilitate healing and recovery assisting those affected to live preferred lives and to be enabled to claim their rights and become agents of social change in their own lives and families and communities.


  • To promote healthy emotional, cognitive, social, spiritual and moral development in children, women and their families and communities
  • To design and develop culturally appropriate mental health and psychosocial methodologies and tools in partnership with those affected by hardships and trauma
  • To provide mobile mental health and trauma counselling services especially to those affected especially children, women and girls through schools and other community structures
  • To train and build the capacity of mental health and psychosocial practitioners in providing effective therapy, counselling and support to survivors of trauma and abuse drawing from indigenous knowledges and skills
  • To establish a respite home/safe house for women and children experiencing significant abuse and a violation of their rights
Summary of relevant work: 
  • Phola Mdeni: PHOLA Mdeni is a programme that supports families to become stronger, cope with crisis and provides support with parenting
  • Tree of Life Mental Health For All Campaign: PHOLA is striving to reach 100 000 women, children, families and communities experiencing hardships, trauma and psychosocial challenges in disadvantaged communities in South Africa using the Tree of Life Narrative Methodology from 2019 to 2023. Together, we can do this. Donate to the Phola Tree of Life Mental Health for All Campaign and save lives

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