The Social Research Platform on Mental Health in Latin America (PLASMA) is an independent initiative led by doctoral students and young researchers interested in the application of social sciences in the study of mental health problems and policies in Latin America.

Questions that guide the work of PLASMA:

  • How do the historical and sociopolitical characteristics of Latin America play a role in the way in which mental health problems are experienced, conceptualized and addressed?
  • What is the position and contribution of Latin America in the broader context of global mental health?
  • What is the potential contribution of the social sciences in empirical study and theoretical reflection on mental health problems and policies in Latin America?

Main objective:

PLASMA  aims  to  provide  an  interdisciplinary  space  for  reflection  and  collaboration  between young  researchers  and  scholars  with  an  interest  in  mental  health  issues  and  policies  in  Latin America. ​​In  the  near  future,  we  would  like  to  consolidate  an  international  network  for  young researchers with an interest in this field.

Long-term goals:

  • Produce national and international publications on mental health in Latin America
  • Provide a collaborative space oriented to the development of transdisciplinary and multicentric research projects in mental health from a comparative perspective
Summary of relevant work: 

Past activities:

PLASMA's first workshop "Mapping new voices” was held in Paris in June 2017 and raised critical discussion points about the place and role of Latin America and the social sciences in the context of  the  current  development  of  Global  Mental  Health (GMH). The workshop was led by keynote speakers Clara Han (Johns Hopkins University), Anne Lovell (INSERM) and Catherine Campbell (LSE).

Current activities:

PLASMA is currently organizing a 2nd Workshop, entitled: “Cartographies of Suffering and Mental Health in Latin America: A Century of the 'Social Question”. On this occasion, a century from the emergence of the so called "social issue", PLASMA's second workshop will describe and analyze the socio-historical processes that articulate the political determinants, economic and institutional aspects of mental health and their impact on  everyday experiences.

Visit the forums for more details on this event and information on how to register.

The PLASMA group meets monthly for an internal seminar, which is held virtually every month among members, to discuss the status of our current research projects and future activities proposals.

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