Presbyterian Community Based Rehabilitation (PCBR) aims to provide inclusive development to Persons with Disabilities by mainstreaming disability issues into development initiatives, and by changing the perception of disability within our operational area. Our work spreads across the four political administrative districts of Bulsa North, Bulsa South, Kassena Nankana East, and Kassena Nankana West.

In order to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities, the program seeks to achieve realistic objectives and workable activities in line with the key components/guidelines of the World Health Organization’s Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) model; namely in the areas of health intervention, educational intervention, livelihood development, social intervention, and advocacy and empowerment. The many ways that PCBR Sandema aims to improve the lives of Persons with Disabilities can be found here.

PCBR strives to break the cycle of disability and poverty and empower PWDs and local leaders to foster the development of inclusive, accessible and healthy communities. PCBR engages in a diverse range of activities that focus on promoting sustainable, appropriate and inclusive systemic change.

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Further details on the PCBR programme can be found here: Self-Help Groups for Mental Health

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Self-Help Groups for Mental Health

A network of self-help groups running in the Upper East Region of northern Ghana
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