To provide a platform for people with mental illness and psycho-social disabilities with to access professional help, study in conducive learning environment, gain confidence to lead independent, fulfilling social and professional lives through psychotherapy, access to drugs, awareness campaigns, education, skill development, psychiatric disability rights advocacy, social integration and employment generation.


The goal of PDO is to be a voice for the needs and rights of people with psychiatric conditions and a catalyst for improved lives and life chances of people with these disabilities.


  1. to actively promote the participation of people with psychiatric disabilities in all aspects of academic, social, economic, political and cultural life;
  2. to advocate on issues of concern to people with psychiatric disabilities in Nakuru;
  3. to provide free group therapy to those suffering from mental illnesses;
  4. to promote better access to professional treatment;
  5. to seek to be the County representative organisation for people with psychiatric disabilities in Nakuru by:
    • undertaking systemic advocacy;
    • providing policy advice;
    • undertaking research; and
    • providing information and education.
Summary of relevant work: 

Psychiatric Disability Organization focuses on the following areas to achieve its vision of disability equality and social assimilation:

1. Advocacy relevant to psychiatric empowerment including:

  • Awareness campaigns targeted at the people with disabilities to raise their morale and confidence
  • Social integration campaigns addressed at the general public to educate them about disabilities and eliminate the stigma and stereotyping
  • Campaigns targeting the employment organizations and companies to remind them about the rights of the people with these disabilities and the accommodations they needs to make achieve their full potential.
  • Advocate for provision of special accommodation for the people with disabilities in their place of employment

2. Design and implement projects that improve the well-being of the people with psychiatric disabilities:

  • Access to professional help including psychotherapy and medicine
  • Provision of a counselling hotline for students in distress and unable to access professional help
  • Provision of scholarships for the people with disabilities
  • Creation of employment opportunities for the people with psychiatric disabilities
  • Research and publications on psychiatric disability issues

We understand that doing all this requires the mobilization of the communities and organizations to do their share of the work. PDO strives to establish and maintain good relations with the private and public sector to mainstream psychiatric disabilities and raise funds to support the organization's initiatives.


Love and Hope Centre Section 58, Nakuru, Next to Dog section

  • PDO Directors
  • French Embassy in Kenya
Seeking collaboration with: 
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