Actively representing and promoting the interests of members and developing psychology nationally and internationally as a means of enhancing human well-being.

Summary of relevant work: 

Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) has dedicated its work to the construction and development of post-apartheid South African Society. The Society is also involved in ongoing negotiations with government, other legislative bodies, and the private and civil society sectors to contribute to issues affecting South Africa’s rapidly changing environment. As the representative body of psychologists in the country, the Society lobbies for members and advocates for psychology as a vital science and relevant practice. The Society provides a valuable networking facility for all members. PsySSA publishes the quarterly leading psychology journal in Africa, the South African Journal of Psychology as well as PsyTalk.

The Society regularly liaises with local, national, regional and international structures to facilitate professional development and the exchange of ideas that underpin the discipline. The PsySSA annual South African Psychology Congress is the highlight of the South African scientific psychological calendar, attracting academics and practitioners from all over the country and abroad.

PsySSA 2014-2018 Strategic Plan

PsySSA is currently in the fourth of five years of enrolling its Strategic Plan (2014-2018). The Strategic plan, adopted at the 20th Annual General Meeting on 17 September 2014, suggests a vision for Psychology that requires the discipline and Society to be much more relevant and responsive to concerns and priorities of South Africa, Africa and the world. As such, the Strategic Plan serves as a guide to prioritise and contextualise the work of the Society, informed by the needs of psychology professionals and developments within Psychology, the healthcare sector and South African society.

The strategic priorities are:

  1. Membership
  2. Growth and sustainability
  3. Effectiveness and Efficiency
  4. Good Governance
  5. Stakeholder engagement and relationship management
  6. Global footprint

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