• To decrease the burden faced by patients in accessing available mental health professionals in Nigeria
  • To connect the general public to a mental health professional closest to their area
  • To create an online community of mental health supporters and ambassadors
  • To act as an awareness tool to decrease stigma, increase awareness and promote acceptance for mental health issues in Nigeria
  • To promote face-to-face discussions and events for mental health awareness and acceptance
  • To be a platform for patients and families of patients to rate and give feedback on mental health professionals who are on the site
Summary of relevant work: 

PsyndUp is a platform aimed at bridging the gap between those in need of mental health care services with those who are available to provide it. We run a free, online database and directory service for clinical professionals. Our "Find a therapist / treatment center" feature allows anyone who's everyone to easily find a mental health professional and / or treatment center closest to them in Nigeria. The directory also serves as a means for mental health professionals to connect with one another, creating a network for referrals. 

All involved professionals create an online networking profile that is made available to users who are seeking help. To create this dynamic and comprehensible database, legal, decent, honest and truthful contact information of mental health service providers will be made accessible to the public with full consent of each professional. By making this information readily available, PsyndUp aims to facilitate the decrease in the period between searching and finding a mental health professional.

What is the ‘Find a therapist’ feature?

  • It is an awareness tool to decrease stigma, increase awareness and promote acceptance for mental health issues in Nigeria
  • It is a means to promote face-to-face discussions and events for mental health awareness and acceptance
  • It is a means for patients and families of patients to rate or give feedback on mental health professionals they worked with

Who can use PsyndUp?

  • People who have previously been in therapy
  • People who are currently in therapy
  • People (current and past patients) who are willing to share their experiences via the PsyndUp blog

At PsyndUp, we understand the challenges faced by individuals who need mental health care, especially in Nigeria. We also believe in a world where everyone has and understands the information and treatment necessary for mental health wellness and emotional health, thus facilitating a healthier society. However, while there is a growing number of clinical professionals, the current stigma surrounding mental health creates a barrier between these professionals and the public. Additionally, the lack of structures - formal and informal - for interaction between health care providers and potential patients or families with potential patients is a crippling component of the Nigerian mental health care system.

We have engaged Nigerians on and offline, spreading awareness about mental health and the available avenues for care. By connecting individuals and organizations to mental health professionals, we have bridged the gap between those who need care and those available to provide it. Recently launched, our online support community fosters open conversations between individuals facing similar daily challenges with stress, anxiety and depression.

PsyndUp is further aligned with the declaration of the World Medical Association that every patient has a right to choose their physician freely.

Disclaimer: We at PsyndUp understand the need for discretion in the Nigerian mental health field and the extent to which professionals are allowed to advertise themselves. In lieu of this, any professional registered on PsyndUp will be acting independently and not in involvement with any board or associations of service providers. Their licenses, however, will be vetted by the relevant boards in Nigeria to ascertain credibility. 



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