Rakuba's purpose is to provide wellbeing and risk advisory services to organisations. Through the wellbeing services, we work with organisations to address the immense challenges they may be facing to ensure staff wellbeing and help to build environments where staff can flourish.  The risk advisory services address sector-specific threats, risks, vulnerabilities and security strategies and supports organisations to reduce programme, people, reputation and digital risks. Rakuba works with a Duty of Care framework and delivers tailored support, built from the ground up, every time. We develop robust policies, deliver clinical supervision and provide direct counselling support to teams.

Summary of relevant work: 

Rakuba has worked with organisations globally to assess risk and wellbeing and build robust policies, procedures and practices that will meet Duty of Care standards.  The innovation that Rakuba is working on in terms of mental health, is the interconnectedness of risk, resilience and mental health within organisations.  


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Key partners: 

Rakuba's key partners are humanitarian, development, rights-focused and academic organisations.

Seeking collaboration with: 
Other organizations
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Policy makers
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