Research and Training Center for Community Development

Research and Training Center for Community Development

To serve as a technical resource centre of information and tools in order to create sustainable links, collaboration and support for vulnerable groups in Vietnam. We undertake policy-oriented research in order to achieve our goal of improving primary healthcare system and foster development opportunities for vulnerable groups. By highlighting and enriching resources and strengths of communities through training, consulting and the introduction of suitable pilot models, we offer solutions so that communities can overcome obstacles.

Mission statement

The primary objective of the Hanoi RTCCD is to increase the capacity and quality of human resources at the grass roots level. We hope to achieve these goals by implementing activities that assist people in carrying out their own research projects, or by providing them with training that supports community participation in development projects. In addition, research projects designed and conducted by the Center itself, or in collaboration with other Vietnamese or overseas institutions, are intended to have an impact on the process of formulating government community development policy so that an improvement in community development can be reached at a macro-level. 

Summary of relevant work

The Center functions primarily as a training and research institution, but also implements projects. It is a nonprofit organization and has adopted five management principles: (1) independence in formulating the Center's development policies, (2) self-financing of activities, (3) independence in human resource development, (4) a community-based problem solving approach in research training and counselling, and (5) acting within Vietnam's legal framework for research and training institutions. 


Detection and diagnosis
Empowerment and service user involvement
Training, education and capacity building
All mental health conditions
Communicable diseases (e.g. HIV/AIDS, TB)
Maternal and neonatal health